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    Having acquired in excess of 20 years of practical experience in dialogue with technical specialists from renowned container terminals, INNO DOCK SUPPORT stands for smarter maintenance, with the aim of driving down the nonperformance costs of equipment at component level. We are more than interested in finding mechanical improvements – preferably together with our business partners – and contribute considerable knowledge in terms of materials to be used, shock and vibration absorption, hydraulics, plastics that are less environmentally harmful (no lubrication), and other critical wear parts.

    Our network of highly skilled engineers guarantees practical improvements through calculations and analyses. This mix of knowledge will prove to be an excellent foundation from which to come up with a matrix between knowledge of the material and the day-to-day challenges that one encounters at the terminals.

    To be able to offer a total concept ranging from components to assembly, INNO DOCK SUPPORT has forged partnerships with various contractors with highly skilled professionals and sophisticated machinery.

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    Myrthe de Jong
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